Important Cardio Kickboxing Weight Loss Advice for Women

Weight loss for women does not mean they must stick with the typical exercises like running on a treadmill. Fitness for women does not have to be the same exercise routine. It is okay for women to bring out the tiger in them once in a while. Women are taught to be non-aggressive and gentle. This clarifies the representation of women in martial arts schools. While kickboxing is a male dominated game we are seeing a growing number of women getting into it as a way. You must find a Martial arts or Gym school close to your area. Some areas have classes in kickboxing and fitness centers for girls. So as to maximize your results As soon as you enroll you need to set your mind. Here are seven cardio Kickboxing tips to assist weight loss for women:

1). Take your warm up seriously. If your teacher wants you to do 100 crunches do your best to achieve that benchmark. That is okay, if you are not able to reach that number then. The excellent thing about cardio kickboxing is that you can stop to take a breather without falling behind the course anytime. Just sitting there because you are lazy and watching the rest of the course is wasting your time. Remember when you are there you paid for the course so you mine as well put.

2). It is important to Have fun but make sure to put in the effort and intensity. Your teacher sets the timer for 3 or 2 rounds. So ensure you do not play patty cake. Kicks and your mind should be carried out with intensity and power to get your heart rate up.

3). Make sure you breathe during training. Exhale when you throw your punch or kick, when you retract your leg or arm, and inhale. By doing this, oxygen is supplied into the lungs helping you longer and better.

4). When kicking try to kick as large as your flexibility allows. High kicks require more energy to execute kicks that are low. Consequently you will burn more calories.

5). When working with a spouse during drills recall to promote one another. This is important when you are near the end of the fatigue and round begins to set in. Getting your partner encourage you can help push you to find those punches or kicks in before the round ends.

6). When purchasing boxing gloves try going with a more heavy glove like a 16oz. The weight will fatigue you then a 10 oz. glove.

7). Try to keep your Palms constantly when you perform Kickboxing and never loop or drop them. Your punches should go back and out to your face. By keeping up your hands you will work and sculpt your shoulders and burn more calories rather than dropping your hands.