Survival Gear Guide in Extreme Ways

Earthquakes, hurricanes, fires And floods are all situations that come to mind when considering extreme circumstances to live in, particularly if caught out of doors whenever they happen. Other situations that may call for extreme survival equipment are war, famine, and jungle survival.

Obviously you  cannot set up an appointment on your day planner for if these events will happen. However, what you can do is arm yourself with the appropriate knowledge and correct equipment that in case these disasters may occur, you may be as prepared as possible.

A basic place to begin when considering purchasing extreme survival equipment is first aid. There are hundreds of different kits in a variety of sizes to select from. Many come pre assembled in a box, bag, or backpack that makes it simple to catch on short notice.

Some even come in a wheeled, easy  to roll bag in bright colours to denote that they are for emergencies. There are kits available on the market that can easily care for thirty people for a couple hours following an evacuation or equipment that lasts several days to get a smaller number of people.

When believing in more specific terms, there is extreme survival equipment fit for fire survival. The principal hazard to worry about is smoke inhalation. Five to ten minutes of smoke inhalation can cause permanent brain damage while few minutes of smoke intake is probably to cause death. The goods suited to smoke protection range from simple cone masks to private fire escape hoods. To protect your eyes from smoke, outfitting yourself with a set of quality goggles is a fantastic idea.


Clothing and shelter are two important things to think about when considering extreme survival equipment. Having appropriate clothing and shelter from the elements is absolutely imperative to prevent things like frostbite, hypothermia and dehydration. Hot and humid weather is just as dangerous as subzero temperatures so planning carefully and procuring the ideal items is a essential step.

Weaponry is also an option for those aiming to be ready for any extreme scenario. Everything from the always handy Swiss Army knives to easy single blades, and rifles, pistols and shotguns can be found. With an ample supply of ammunition includes the territory of taking the gun path, so make certain to acquire all the necessary accoutrements.

Irrespective of the degree of readiness you are aspiring to, all of your needs can be fulfilled with the products and equipment being manufactured today granted you make care to do the appropriate research.

On your BOB you should have games, lighters, steel wool and paper scraps to begin a fire. You might choose to find things to aid with your passion such as alcohol pads, insect repellent, and petroleum jelly. Tree bark, small twigs and garbage can help for tinder also.