To Produce a Subfolder in HostGator vs Bluehost

A subfolder is a folder related to a particular domain. For instance, in case you have got a HostGator site, you can create subfolders for articles or graphics. From the URL address bar, the subfolder will look: wwwdothostgatordotcom/articles for the content subdirectory, orwwwdothostgatordotcom/images for the picture directory.web host

It is easy to create a subfolder in HostGator via the cPanel or the control panel. You may create as many subfolders as you desire, depending upon what the requirement is for your site.

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Step One:

Log into the hostgator cPanel. If your domain name is already pointing to hostgator, use your domain name to log in to HostGator cPanel. Sort your hostgator account URL in your internet browser’s address bar followed by /cPanel. By way of  instance,wwwdotyourdomainnamedotcom/cPanel, or type:cpaneldotyourdomainnamedotcom. If you recently bought a brand new account with HostGator, type:YourSite’sIPAddress/cPanel into your internet browser’s address bar.

Step Two:

Enter on your HostGator username and password. Notice that you only get one login per cPanel. You do not have another cPanel login if you have got different sub domains, parked, and add on. To log into the cPanel for an add on domain, log in to the primary cPanel, as most of sub domains are handled under one cPanel.

Step Three:

Find your username and password on your HostGator welcome email. If you no longer have this information, contact HostGator by telephone, email, or live chat for aid.

Step Four:

Click on the File Manager icon on the cPanel main display, and select the option to start web root. Check the Display Hidden Files check box to allow all files and folders to be visible.

Step Five

Click on the new folder button at the top of the page. Name the folder the title of your subfolder, and then click create New Folder. The subfolder is automatically created on HostGator.

Now You Know how to create a subfolder on HostGator, you can use Your newly acquired knowledge to customize and make your website  how you like it. Subfolders can be especially helpful for redirecting affiliate links and making certain your site stays organized.