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Local bed and breakfast is top notch in the West

By Jarrod Lyman / Community Correspondent

Brian Wilkinson/Sierra StarS1

Mike and Jody Telegan have something to celebrate.

As the owners of Oakhurst's A Haven of Rest Bed and Breakfast, 39681 Pine Ridge Road, they have received a Best of the West award from

"We were just totally elated and felt so honored," Jody Telegan said. "For one thing, we love our guests, and then to receive an award because of what they had to say about us, we were just astounded."

The awards were based on more than 100,000 guest reviews submitted to the Web site.

Of inns throughout Washington, Oregon and California, 10 were honored, four in California, including A Haven of Rest.

Although her property's small size made the award a surprise, Telegan said she thinks that's what makes A Haven of Rest so popular with guests.

"We're the smallest in Oakhurst but pleased we can offer much more than just a bedroom," she said. "We have a two-room suite that's very private, and that's what attracts our guests. We get honeymooners, anniversary couples and familes visiting Yosemite, and it's all because of that privacy we offer."

A private backyard with a swim-spa, a barbecue and a parklike setting, as well as views of the surrounding mountains, have helped attract repeat business, Telegan said.

"It's a lovely setting, it truly is," said Jody Telegan.

Sandy Soule of, a spokeswoman for the bed-and-breakfast-inn industry, said A Haven of Rest deserves the accolades from travelers.

"A Haven of Rest earned the stellar reviews from inngoers for its quality accommodations, tasty breakfasts, on-site amenities and wonderful hospitality and personal service," she said.

Telegan considers the award an honor. Mike & Jody

"It is gratifying that our guests took the time to share the highlights of their stay, which resulted in this award," she said.

The Telegans take pride in providing their guests with the highest standard of service and attention to detail.

Before guests from another country arrive, Mike Telegan raises that country's flag on a vintage flagpole -- the first thing the guests see when they enter the property.

With the accolade, Jody Telegan said some people are asking if the couple plan to expand, but she said they will continue to do business the way they have been.

"Some are saying we need to add on," she said. "But we say that if we did, we wouldn't be as attractive as we are. It's that privacy so (guests) can get their rest and relaxation that makes us unique."

Used with permission of the Sierra Star newspaper, Oakhurst, CA

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