The best help granted by the renowned entrepreneur

Dr. Teo Yen Koon invested a lot in OLS Enterprise Limited. this could mark a listed entity which began in the form of an organisation. It also went with the pine Capital Group Limited which was also formerly known as the 0ls enterprise Limited. It could also work in terms of the company that specialises with assets management system.

renowned entrepreneur

Story with his effort

It  could also be well travelled support in terms of a number of the chair table activities that were conducted in Thailand some work also inclusive of the Nations that were made to the schools that were located in the regions the northern province of Thailand was also benefited a lot the axis of the clean water was also a Paramount importance marked in the rural areas this could be brought about with the new water filter which was organised for the children. Desmond Teo Yen Koon also pledged for all the annual donations that were made to the charitable organisations in Cambodia as well as Nepal.


This could be a helping hand to make the community a better place which could be an accessible one for the resources of all the people. This also marked his visit to the donation of the bags and because which were also marked with the toys for the young ones. It could be the one day visit which could also help the British children they could enjoy some games with the life in atmosphere.