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Aficionados of anime TV arrangement will cherish the Narrator game that has as of late been discharged for the Nintendo GameCube and other computer game frameworks. Having the option to play in the Narrator field is a definitive video gaming sensation and players will go through huge chunks of time working through the games right now. Narrator cheats, in any case, are somewhat harder to drop by than other progressively well known games for the Nintendo and other gaming frameworks, so we offer you here a portion of the cheat codes that we had the option to discover. These cheats are for the Narrator game Narrator. Clash of Ninja and we trust they assist you with fighting your way through this fascinating advance with regards to the Narrator field.

Players of this game are going to need the Narrator codes to open three different players just as various other concealed articles in the Hidden Lead Village. Here are the Narrator codes to open these characters and give you more choices for game play. Rock Lee – so as to open this character you should finish the story mode and afterward stop. At the point when you rout the character Zebus, Rock Lee will turn out and challenge Sauce. Narrator then gets an opportunity to go facing Rock Lee. When you rout Rock Lee, he gets opened and you can play him. Yuba Narrator – otherwise called the Nine Tails Narrator, you have to open Rock Lee and afterward play through the whole game twice as each opened character in single player mode. The game will at that point reveal to you that you can press the Z or X control catch to trigger this form of Narrator.

Harlingen Akashi – this is the duplicate ninja of the game and you should finish the single player game with Yuba Narrator and afterward as Akashi to open this variant. The game will at that point reveal to you that you can press the Z of X control catch to trigger the Harlingen Kasha rendition. Ninja profiles – these can be opened by playing through the single player game with each character. You will at that point have the option to peruse every one of the characters ninja profiles in the Extras menu of the game. No Mask Haku – finish the game on trouble level 3 with Choices Free Keys Hack and afterward press the Z or X catch to choose Haku. Haku would then be able to begin the game without the cover he generally wears – and loses through the game. Interchange outfits – you can change your characters dress by squeezing Y rather than A to choose your character.