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The Telegan Family welcomes you with a friendly Italian Hospitality.  I know, "Telegan" doesn't sound Italian? Well, that's because it was changed from Delgaldo 5 generations ago. Michael's Grandmother was enrolling the children in school and did not speak English, as she tried repeatedly to give their name, the school kept saying tell me again.  The Grandmother repeated back Tell Again??  Thus causing the name to change from Delgaldo to Telegan.  Some family members went back to the name of Delgaldo but others kept the name of Telegan..

Mike & Jody, AKA: Dad & Mom  or Grandad & Nonni will be taking care of your needs during your stay at Yosemite's Haven of Rest Bed & Breakfast.  We welcome you to come for a visit...  Mike is a great chef especially with the Italian recipes, many original to his family and others creations of his own.  Jody's specialty is a country breakfast with her parents from Oklahoma & Texas she does it right... Even Biscuits and Gravy if you would like. Jody also loves sewing, interior decorating and has helped create many weddings. Rest assured, with her over 30 years of experience as a professional house keeper your room will be nothing less than immaculate when you visit Yosemite's Haven of Rest B&B  Jody has written an article on "The care & maintenance of the home." She would be pleased to share her tips with you.  Mike and Jody have two grown children, Rosanna and Justin who are both married and two grandchildren, Megan and William.

When our son Justin asked Kim to marry him, he was a long haul truck driver.  So of course the only logical decision was for Kim to go to school and get her class A drivers license as well so she could go with him and keep him company. YES, that's right this cute little blonde drives an eighteen wheeler.  Justin & Kim have been driving together for over 6 years now.  Hauling for a food company now, however, the most interesting load was an entire load of bubble gum and yes it smelled Sooo Good!! And yes they were given samples.  Completely opposite they have also carried explosives.  If you are interest in good truck driving stories they have them...

Kim is also a professional guitarist with a lovely voice.  Justin enjoys hunting, fishing and most anything outdoors including grilling which shows with the first bite of his outstanding King Salmon.  Justin & Kim have a special fondness for children and in their spare time are the youth pastors of their church.  They enjoy giving of themselves and are a good example for the young people to follow..

Bill and Rosanna's FamilyWell, now that I've told you Kim drives an 18 wheeler I have to add that our gentle, kind, soft spoken daughter wears combat boots to work each day. Rosanna and Bill were married at a very young age. Rosanna worked very hard on her college degree while Bill was the main bread winner for the family.  Now, Bill has become a full time dad while working on his college education. Rosanna plays the piano, has an incredible singing voice and knows her way around those organ pedals just like her dad. Bill has a God given ability to fix most anything even if he's never done it before he can always figure it out with good results. Because Bill and Rosanna are such good parents we have the most amazing grandchildren. I know you always hear grandparents say that.. But really, they are the best!! Megan and William are both loving, kind & respectful. And I have yet to mention how intelligent they both are, these children are a 10/10 as far as we are concerned. Megan plans on becoming an Astronaut and William is going to become a professional base ball player. And I have no doubt but what they will do just that... We are so very, very proud of them all...


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A Haven of Rest Bed & Breakfast

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